2021 was insane really. There I am, working away during a stupid pandemic when some guy (a recruiter) emails me about a Joomla Administrator role for a large non-profit in Ohio. Long story short, I took the three-month contract to hire role in February 2021. OCLC, Inc. offered me a permanent role in May. I'm working with a product called Wise here in the US. Wise serves the public library space. I love books and believe the library is such an important part of communities. So, good fit. In July/August, I began having my clients move to other providers. Most of them went over to interGen. interGen shares the same values as I do and had a similar pricing model. It was an intense year filled with change.

2020 is my ten year anniversary building sites for clients. So whilst the year is just begun, I feel very proud to be a small business that made it past the one year, three year, and five year mark. I thank my clients for their continued support and commitment to their websites. At the same time, I thank myself for having the integrity, ethics and character that make professionals want to work with me as they pursue their business/site goals.

2019 showed me a number of things. 1. That I don't actually want to work on WordPress - so I'm not really doing that. 2. That I do enjoy building in Squarespace for those people that shouldn't have a CMS. I built three Squarespace sites and started a fourth (still in dev as of January 2020). As a result, I am now a Squarespace Circle member. Woo hoo! I acquired a handful of new Joomla clients continued serving my ongoing Joomla clients as I always have; promptly and with care and keeping their sites backed up and up to date (as well as some redesigns and other fun projects). JoomlaDay Texas was in Austin this year and I went. So great to see familiar faces from the Bay Area, all over Texas, as well as friends from Chicago and Wisconsin.

2018 was a little slower from a work perspective but not from a "major change" perspective. I moved to Texas! Texas is an awesome state to run a business in, way better than California. I'm just north of Austin for the time being. Going great here! Coming in 2019, I'll be adding Squarespace and WordPress to platforms I work with. I'll be doing Squarespace Web Design/Training and WordPress Maintenance/Training. Go Texas!! In sadder news, the Joomla! User Group I've been grateful to organise and be a part of I am no longer involved with due to the move out of the area. It has been a significant catalyst in my growth and I've made friendships that will last for the rest of my life as a result of my involvement with such an incredible group of people.

2017 was just a great year! Busy with both work and personal but great. The highlight was going to Europe and the UK for the first time ever. My little brother lives in London so I started there for a few days to get over jet lag and then went to Rome for the Joomla! World Conference. Rough life, I know. I count myself very blessed. After a fabulous conference (but intense and a little too much wine), my brother, his girlfriend and my daughter met me in Rome and we saw sights, ate food and enjoyed Italy. Headed north through Tuscany for a few days to Chieri (by Turino) where we have Italian family my daugher and I got to meet for the first time. It was delightful and an experience I will never forget. Ever!

2016 was never a dull moment. Lots of nice projects and nice clients. I still volunteered as organiser of the JUG Bay Area and on the JUG Team with the Joomla! Project. I got to go to Joomla World Conference again, this time in beautiful Vancouver, BC. The conference was just a few days after the election and it was sooo good to get a little getaway from the US and be with my international family (the Joomla Community). While at JWC I got to take the Certification Exam for the Joomla! Certified Administrator certificate and I passed! This means nothing different than what I was before but it shows that I was able to "prove it" in a test.

2015 must have been busy because it's 2017 when I'm writing this and have had to look back to remember what happened in 2015. LOTS OF PROJECTS! So many in fact that I incorporated as an S Corp in June 2015. Try to save a bit in taxes. Continued on the JUG Team with the Joomla! Project and running the Bay Area Joomla! User Group. Got to do some new things like oAuth2 integration and some custom extensions. Good times!

2014 was a very busy year. Using Joomla Second Edition (O'Reilly) was published in June. In August I joined some Joomla working groups to give back to the project. I joined the JUG Team, the Trademark Team (site is pending), and the Update Working Group. In addition to that, I created a few new websites for new clients and performed what feels like countless migrations (probably 25 of them) from 2.5 to 3.x and a couple from 1.5 to 3.x. In November of 2013 I made a commitment to answer at least one post per week on the Joomla! Community Forums. In the last year I added almost 800 posts helping people with Joomla. I was also blessed to earn a scholarship to Joomla World Conference in Cancun, Mexico in November. The Joomla community is an amazing bunch of people. I am grateful to be a small part of the whole.

2013 brought several migrations and several new builds for clients. 2013 was a bit different of a year as our JUG held a JoomlaDay in September which was wonderful and extremely time consuming. In addition, much time was allocated to co-writing Using Joomla Second Edition (O'Reilly) due for release in June of 2014. What a busy year!!

2012 acquired 10 additional new happy clients (so far), kept the others, and a number of more others on small things to get them by or fix their problems. 2012 has had a migration focus as both clients and others have the need to migrate from Joomla 1.5 to 2.5. I've mostly done migrations in 2012...even helping other developers with their client migrations or their own site migrations.

2011 acquired 10 additional new happy clients, kept the others, and a number of others (more others) on small things to get them by or fix their problems. Consulting also entered the picture in 2011 as folks would come to me and need guidance on what was the best solution for them. Not always was it working with me or working with Joomla. I also assisted fellow colleagues with their Joomla clients when they were short-handed. Good to be trusted by ones colleagues.

2011 and 2012 bottom line - lots of new builds in Joomla 2.5. Many migrations from Joomla 1.5 to 2.5. Many people trained on how to use Joomla. There are 3 clients that have either started working with another developer who became a partner in the business, went WP and just let the hosting expire and the site is no longer up. I don't think 3 out of about 50 sites worked with is a bad number. My clients are well taken care of and even those 3 that are doing something else, still recommend me.

June 2010 started volunteering with the Bay Area Joomla Users Group and became one of the Organizers of the group shortly thereafter. I am still in this role.

2010 acquired 9 new happy clients and helped a number of others just on small things to get them by or fix their problems.

April 2010 third paid client came to me as a referral of first client - Snapdragon Services was born.

February 2010 second paid client heard me training 1st client and built a site for him and trained him to work the content.

January 2010 first paid client came to me for a site. Built it and trained client to work the content and HTML for working with affiliate code in Joomla articles and modules

2009 still working with Zyzyrgy both as a volunteer and as a paid project manager for the group.

2008 was connected to Zyzyrgy and volunteered for a year on a series of Joomla 1.5 websites they had with many components. Redesigned entire sites, configured components from scratch, built dev sites from the bottom up, learned a ton by working with the group and had a great teacher with them.

2007 worked with template developer and built Joomla 1.5 site for employer Ketchum Integration.

2006 content and worked with PHP developer on Joomla 1.5 beta site for sister company of above former employer.

2006 introduced to Joomla! and worked content in Joomla! 1.0 for former employer.

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