The only way I can relate this blog post to a Joomla website is that it saves time which will allow me to work on more Joomla websites.

For Christmas I received the cookbook Michael Symon's 5 in 5 which is fantastic. Many of the recipes call for meat that has been pounded to 1/4 inch (or whatever). Being a hard core pusher of reading documentation before starting work, I read the introduction and the time saving tips on page 25. Of those tips, one stood out to me and it is the third which says to get to know your butcher.

Despite reading this time saving tip, I went to my local Nob Hill grocery store and bought some chicken thighs. I then went to Ross and bought a meat pounder.

As I pondered how to pound meat well and how long this would take, I looked it up on the World Wide Web. I read through a few pages of peoples woes around meat pounding and what works for them. By the time I finished my few minutes of research I had determined that I am not ever going to pound meat. I'd rather pound sand.

In the spirit of adventure and still wanting to cook the recipes with pounded meat, I went to my local Whole Foods Market. There I talked to a butcher named Steve and asked him if they would be willing to pound the meat I purchase there. He said yes!

I ordered a couple of pounds of chicken thighs and he started pounding away (I think they normally have a machine to do this but it wasn't working or there or something so he did them by hand). I went through the store gathering the other items I wanted to purchase and knew he was done when I didn't hear pounding through the store.

Steve expressed to me that they are a full service butcher shop. What we see in the case is what is popular for our region but they can get anything we want. They can do what we want too. The most important thing to do is ask.

Bottom line: the fastest, cleanest, easiest way to pound meat is to buy it from a butcher shop and ask them to pound it for you.

Happy cooking and eating to you! No pounding on your part is required.

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