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Using Joomla, Second Edition is an O'Reilly animal book. Jennifer Gress and Ron Severdia co-author this 350+ page book empowering you to use Joomla in its most exciting and powerful release, Joomla! 3.

Who is Using Joomla for?

Beginners: Using Joomla is great for Joomla beginners or Joomla newbies. Packed with hands-on exercises, Using Joomla gives directions to install Joomla, extensions, and template as well as how to work content effectively with all the tips you need to know! Learn to add categories, articles, menu items, and modules after planning your website.

Clients: If you're a web developer/designer who builds Joomla website for others and train clients to add their own content, Using Joomla can be utilized. Just hand the book to your clients. They get full step-by-step documentation on all the things they most commonly need to do like create text content, hyperlink internally and externally, manage images by properly resizing and optimizing, media manager organization, inserting videos and documents and more. By your clients using Using Joomla, they win and you win. They get the valuable instruction they need to manage their content/site and you get more time to be able to serve more people with Joomla.

Bonus: Appendix B is all about updating Joomla for security releases/bug fixes, updating extensions and migrating to Joomla 3 from both 2.5 and 1.5. Hands-on exercises for all!

Third-party Extensions Covered

Chapters 6-13 of Using Joomla are all about third-party extensions to extend the functionality of Joomla. Extensions covered in Using Joomla:

JCE, Akeeba Backup, sigplus gallery, Kunena (for article commenting), Komento, JEvents, Contact Enhanced, RSForm Pro, HikaShop, JomSocial, AddThis, Kunena forum, Acyba AcyMailing, iSEO, SPUpgrade, and ACL Manager.

Using Joomla is a well-rounded start to finish book to build a Joomla website from start to finish. Buy now and start Using Joomla!!

cover using joomla 2e

See the Table of Contents and Google Preview at our companion website for Using Joomla.

Published Author

Features Joomla 3!
By yours truly and Ron Severdia

Using Joomla, Second Edition by Jennifer GressO'Reilly

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