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Snapdragon Services has focused on Joomla web design services since 2010.  We can handle anything from new website design to complete Joomla migrations.

From a couple of our customers:

Jenn has been a guiding light as we transitioned from a third party platform to Joomla for our membership based organization's website. We had quite a few challenges to overcome as it related to some 400 pieces of content that needed a library. Jenn offered options, ideas, solutions, and helped us resolve what we thought would be our greatest challenge with ease. A fast and detailed project manager, Jenn provided clear instruction on next steps, sent the "gentle reminders" when needed, and handled all the technical challenges that would fall out of our purview. She is so fantastic we immediately hired her to assist with our consumer website's transition to Joomla. She is a professional, a problem solver, and the most reliable vendor I have worked with in my 18 years in marketing." - Trish Jaraicie (The Enrollment Management Association)

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I had the opportunity to work closely with Jenn on not just one but two website setups almost concurrently. While I'm sure they weren't very complex for her, it was all new to me and she was incredibly helpful in taking me through the process step by step, not just in the technical aspects of setting things up, but also in talking through what we envisioned, what options were available, and determining what was the best fit for our unique needs. Her work is great and she's incredibly responsive and helpful anytime a problem or confusion arose. My organization and I have been very fortunate to work with her. And, on a more personal note, Jenn is an incredibly warm and funny person who I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know and interacting with over the past year and a half, I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone! Alexandra (Zero Breast Cancer)

How our Joomla website design services can help

Snapdragon Services is experienced at redesigning, building, and migrating a broad range of websites from law firms and medical offices to schools, service companies, non-profits, and more. We’ve built them all, and we can build a great Joomla website for you.

If you would like a sample of our work, please feel free to review the following website that are either finalized or currently being developed. Contact us for links if you would like to look more deeply or would like references.


Our goal is to develop a Joomla website that establishes trust and expertise with your brand.  We will work closely with you to understand your business, needs, goals and objectives.  Every design element that we create is focus on those core areas.

Contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more about how Snapdragon Services can help you build the next website that takes your business to the next level with our Joomla web design services.

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What to expect when you contact us

For new websites, we'll want to schedule a call to go over your needs and goals. On that call, we'll listen first while you talk about your business and what you'd like in a website. Determining your budget in advance is helpful. Having a few sites that you like is helpful for us to get an idea of look and feel. From there, we'll need to determine your menu structure (the "tabs" at the top of most websites), what those menu items will do/consist of, and the home page layout. From there, we can create a quote and send it over to you. If you accept, a contract will be sent. Work starts when the signed contract and deposit are received (unless other arrangements are made).

New website flow (in general):

  1. Talk together.
  2. Provide some links to sites you like.
  3. Determine menu structure.
  4. Determine content types.
  5. Home page layout.
  6. Other needs (email, SEO, customisations, etc.).
  7. We send quote.
  8. If accepted, contract sent.
  9. When contract and deposit are received, work is started.
  10. Hosting established if not done already.
  11. Building started.
  12. Daily check-ins on work performed and needs from client until project is complete.
  13. Go live.
  14. Ongoing maintenance options discussed.

See our blog post How to Plan for your Website for more great tips.

If you have an existing website, email is a good first contact. Please provide the domain, where the site is hosted, and details about the assistance you are seeking. We'll then take a look at the site on the frontend and determine if we can take it to the next step. If we think we can assist but need more information, a meeting with a screen sharing software will be set up. From there, we'll look at the backend of the website and determine what needs to be done and if we're a good fit for the solution you're seeking as well as estimates on time or whatever else comes up. There are too many differences between sites to get more specific about that here. Thus, the screen sharing call together gives us both an idea of how each other work and the ability to see the backend of the site without providing credentials to someone you don't know.

Existing website work flow:

  1. Email us the domain, hosting company, and details about what you need help with.
  2. We look at the frontend.
  3. Screen share meeting established to talk and take a look at the backend of the site.
  4. Proceed with whatever are the next best steps for all parties.

So get in touch. We're happy to help wherever we can.

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What are Joomla Web Design Services?

Joomla is an open-source content management system (“CMS”) that allows you to add and remove content, make changes, and assign rights to other administrators. At Snapdragon Services, we can build your website, redesign it, optimize workflow, and, assist in managing your content all using Joomla web design services.

Online technology has progressed so far that the primary differential between your company and your competitors isn’t some snazzy plug-in or feature on your website, it is your user interface, content management system, and content. In short, you build a website around offering the most user-friendly experience and around your ability to manage the content that your website generates. At Snapdragon Services, we can help you build an effective website that weaves a seamless user experience and pairs it with an efficient CMS system enabling you to update and re-use your content.

Joomla Features

Joomla is nearly 15 years old and has the features to prove it. Joomla web design services is a flexible platform that allows you to build blogs, community websites, business websites, intranets and more. You can use Joomla to build everything from the complex to the simple. Furthermore, Joomla has thousands of verified third-party extensions which can extend the functionality of your website in about any way you can imagine. Joomla allows you to manage the users of your website, sort them into different groups, and extend divergent access levels among them. Moreover, search engine optimization is natively built into the Joomla CMS.

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