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Snapdragon Services recommends the following provider(s) of hosting & domain names. Check it out and buy whichever you like best. Get linux hosting please. Keep all the emails they send so we can access your cpanel and get your site up & running fast!

Rochen is $8.95/mo for one domain. Amazing host. themselves are hosted there. Some of the more specific server requirements by some Joomla! extensions just need SobiPro. Fast. Everything works. And then it goes beyond with daily backups too. Incredible. Snapdragon receives affiliate compensation from links.


Web Hosting

SiteGround is a good Joomla host that is also very supportive of the Joomla community and has great support. They allow the version of PHP to be set by directory which is very helpful.

1.5 Hosts

Siteground (above) and CloudAccess both are willing to host Joomla 1.5 sites. Siteground has the ability to choose a PHP version from cPanel. CloudAccess does not. As of summer 2014 CloudAccess is running PHP 5.3.x. If your 1.5 site requires 5.2 to function, it won't work properly at cloudaccess. That being said, both will move your site for you which is very nice.


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Hover over Services and click Migrate to will move your site to their server regardless of size (might mean 50GB).


Domain name choosing tips (sure you can google more):

  • You can use your company name if you already have one and the domain is available.
  • Or, you can choose a domain name that tells the visitor what they "get" as a result of doing business with you or visiting your site.
  • The domain name should be easy to remember.
  • It should be logical.
  • It shouldn't be to long - unless it fits with the logic (like the company name, etc.)
  • It should avoid confusion - like if the company name is berriesandcherries - and yet the domain name is berriesncherries (cuz the "and" wasn't available).
  • Avoid numbers unless it is part of your company name - for example 4u2win - tough for people to remember if it was a number or the word.

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