The fastest way to learn Joomla! is to have someone guide you through the processes you need to know and perform.

Problem: Online recorded trainings can be time consuming

Joomla isn't hard. Yet it can be daunting without some clear instruction and foundation. Sure, there are tons of free sources to learn Joomla on the web; youtube and tons of articles written by thousands of people. These are great resources if you already know what you need to learn.

There are also paid sources to learn Joomla like OSTraining, and - all of which are excellent!

The problem is that you have to watch a lot of videos and read a lot of articles to find the information you are looking for - and if you don't have a lot of time or you have specific issues you need to resolve, it isn't the fastest way to learn Joomla the way you want or the same way your site needs to function.

Solution: Personalized, individual Joomla training gets you where you need to be faster

If you want to learn Joomla, it does take time...& time is why not make the best use of your time and money by getting personalized individual Joomla training. Learn Joomla the way you need to learn Joomla. Learn only what you need to know and not what you don't.

The beauty of Joomla is that you can edit your own website

Joomla is easy to manage when you have the basics of Joomla learned and practiced. Yet, when you don't know it can be frustrating and overwhelming. So get empowered.

  • If your webmaster didn't teach you anything, you can still learn Joomla and be empowered.
  • If your webmaster disappeared, you can still learn Joomla and be empowered.
  • If you don't yet have a website, pick someone to help you with a site that will also train you to use Joomla.

How personalized Joomla training works with Snapdragon

We will meet either in person or via application sharing software (GoToMeeting - Snapdragon provides). We will work on your site. You will learn Joomla basics, advanced stuff, foundation, maintenance and Joomla guidelines. We can possibly fix things on your site at the same time. You would have a list ready prior to the training session.*

Basic Training Includes:

  • How Joomla is set up - categories, articles, menus, modules, extensions, template basics
  • How to use common components that will make your life easier regarding backup, content editing and security
  • Address common issues like code stripping, media management, rules around images like resizing, optimizing, and naming
  • Working your content
  • Working with modules
  • SEO basics/guidelines

Customized Training

You have your list and we go over it together. Must submit list in advance. I'm not going to build a site as part of customized training.

What training does not include:

  • Template building or customizing
  • Extension building or customizing - hacking
  • Complex extension configuration

These types of items you probably would do best to hire someone to do for you or do the time and subscribe to

Training is geared toward Joomla Newbies to get the basics of Joomla quickly and build their knowledge independently or with a JUG from there.

*30 mile radius for live training. Travel time is billable.

Alternatively, many topics are covered in my new book Using Joomla. Check it out! It may be all you need!

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