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From Paul and Jasmah Fiore, Island Reflexology

Jenn, thank you from both of us. Jasmah's presence is now so much better off with the quality work you have delivered for Island Reflexology.  We are GRATEFUL! It all came together very well; kudos to your professionalism and keeping the creative spirit going the whole way. January 2021

Exceprt from email from Andrea Ferrero, California Jump$tart

I really appreciate the warmth and care you bring to things. I've so enjoyed getting to team up with you. I completely agree that at the core of websites are people and their communities. It's that connection and care that creates memorable experiences and inspires people who visit the site to act. May 2020

Excerpt from email from Nancy Wigley, College Search Strategies

You are my savior ?! im so grateful to have you to maintain and manage my website. I always get lots of compliments on it. I think of you as my secret miracle worker. 2020

Testimonial/Excerpt from email from Shawna Glynn, Maverick Mailing/

I have been looking at the site and I am sooooo excited! It looks perfect. I love it. You're the best! 2019

Testimonial from Dave Hansmann, Hansmann Construction (client since 2012, just moved over to Squarespace)

Working with Jenn over these past few weeks on our new site has been a real pleasure. She is on top of her game and really cares about the end product and the success of her clients. Her enthusiasm and mindfulness makes the creative process enjoyable and fun. It has been less than a week since our new site went live and I’ve already received a very nice compliment from a potential client interested in using our services saying, “she was very impressed with our website”. So big thanks to Jenn for all her help in taking our business’s appearance on the web to the next level. - May 2019

Testimonial from Dee Blaylock, Dementia Home Care Consultants (my first Squarespace client)

Jennifer at Snapdragon was exceptional. She is friendly, knowledgeable and cares about perfection! Her work was impeccable. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to come along and build my website for me! She listened to my needs. I not only have an awesome website for my new business I made a new friend! She’s an overall special person and I give her 5 stars! Highly recommended! - April 2019

Hand-written Card from Elissa Burke, Bread & Roses

Hello Jenn,

Just a note to say thank you and let you know how much I appreciate your knowledge and expertise. I know as far as clients go, we're kind of small potatoes - but you've really made a difference and we are grateful! Cheers, Elissa. - February 2018

Testimonial from Charolotte Wood, Family Giving Tree

Dear Jenn,

Thank you for all the hard work and heavy lifting you did in getting our revamped website up and running! You are a gem! The Holiday Wish Drive as a huge success and as I mentioned I my email, the website was so much easier to use and update. Thank you for teaching me so much and for being patient as I advance along the learning curve. All the best to you in 2018! - January 2018

Testimonial from David Haedtler, Productive Teamwork

Jennifer took my existing (stale and out-of-date) web site and in no time at all made it much more visually pleasing and dynamic. She also familiarized me with how the Joomla interface works, taught me how to make simple changes myself, and is instantly available to help me whenever I forget how to do something or do something stupid. Working with Jennifer is seamless and simple. I can't recommend her highly enough! - August 2014

Testimonial from Annie Gleason, Get A Love Life

Jenn transformed my slow, obsolete website into a wonderful, user friendly and fun website. Not only that, she maintains it for a very reasonable fee.

I came to Jenn because my site had been hacked--you never want to experience this!!--partly because my former webmaster wasn't on top of the updates needed to maintain security on my website.

Jenn really understands the structure and functionality of the back end of a website. She's a fantastic teacher--great at translating web language into English, and very patient. She has great tools and is super quick at what she does, so if you don't have time to do something, she'll take care of it in a flash.

She will tell you whether something is possible--and will warn you if it's going to cost too much, and give you great alternatives.

She stays within budget--when she created my website, we actually got in under budget and used the rest for future security updates, etc. She is super-creative and efficient. Not to mention fun to work with.

I've recommended her fantastic work to lots of people and will continue to do so. August 2014

Testimonial from Karen Anderson, California Jump$tart

"Jenn has managed our website for almost two years now, and we're (or we at California Jump$tart are) very happy. She has migrated it, redesigned it, and kept it current with Joomla releases. She has all the technical expertise, plus is very patient working with busy people who don't understand the web world and gently reminding us of things we need to do. We've come to trust that she'll keep us informed, and if we need something done she's right on it. She's also a pleasant, friendly person to work with, which is a nice bonus." July 2014

Testimonial from Cynthia Glinka, Dance with Glinka

"When it comes to websites (a entrepreneur's window to the world) one needs a presence with perfection.

That's Jennifer Gress of Snapdragon Services. I was introduced to her services via my long-time website designer who chose a different path. Like finding a new hairdresser, I was in the wind on which direction to take.

After connecting with Jenn - I felt comfortable and confident that she was the one to manage my website. Joomla genius! I never wanted to go the way of WordPress which looks the same on every site I visit. Having to migrate and update with Joomla, with some concern, it was a breeze. Easy to understand, quick turn-around, and guidance on how to initiate changes myself. She takes care of the 'backend' and I'm assured that my site is gaining momentum with the increase I've noticed in my business.

Jennifer Gress is a Joomla master!" July 2014

Testimonial from Rachel Silver Charon, Ph.D.

"I have had the great pleasure of having Jenn maintain my website these past two years. I consider myself "tech-challenged," and very much appreciate Jenn's professionalism, kindness, and her efficiency in answering questions, explaining needed website maintenance, and continuing to help me expand and grow my online presence. I am so grateful I found her and pray she never retires! As a busy professional myself, Jenn's work on my behalf allows me to focus on my work instead of worrying about website problems or how to upload a new article to my website. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have if you are considering working with Jenn. She is wonderful to work with, reliable, affordable and an all-around good person." July 2014

Testimonial from Zeena Janowsky

"Jennifer took over my site maintenance shortly after it was built and has kept my website working ever since. She responds quickly to security and update needs. Jennifer is always friendly and professional." July 2014

Unedited excerpts from emails clients sent to Snapdragon~

From Stephen Pugh of Oranjarra Partners

"Thanks for the excellent training and the kind words today. Thanks again for all your great work, I am very pleased with the site." November 2013

From Montessori Schools of Fremont

"Your awesome. Someday I'll get you flowers or something." July 2013

"That's because your dripping with awesome. Thanks for the save!" March 2013

From Tom Ralston & Bill Goff of Tom Ralston Concrete

"Thank you so so very much is so awesome to have someone like you on our team!

Your website has catapulted us into another level of being.....people are floored by it too!

Thanks for getting these things lined up and ready to enter...we will definitely be sending you photos and verbiage soon.

Always the Very Best!" November 2013

"You are working within the Awesome Realm again aren't you!" October 2013

"Difficult....yes....but nailed?......but of course darlink....... Beautimus!" July 2013

"Jenn Jenn Gress....You are the best....

Last night I was at First Friday at an art studio and Mrs. Hansmann...(I know her husband Steve) and I were talking about you (all good of course)...and I told her how wonderful you are and how great Joomla is....

Bestest!" May 2013

"Yes exactly like that Ms. Awesomeness.....Thanks you Mucho!" February 2013

"Looks great thanks a lot Jenn. You rule! :)" October 2012

"Thanks again, the website is amazing! :)" September 2012

"You are a genius! That looks perfect! Thanks for the detailed explanation. I think you nailed it! Thanks Jenn you rock!" September 2012

From Julie at Hansmann Construction

"Thanks again for being so professional from the start, explaining your qualifications, drawing up a detailed contract, being so efficient in the whole process, communicating well and always being fun and flexible. Thanks for all your hard work and diligence in getting it done fast and done well, so many details!" June 2013

From Attorney Steve Lau

"Jenn, the site does look great, thanks to you and Cathy. Thank you for working and teaching me about web site do's and don'ts." October 2013

From the IT Ministry at Allen Temple Baptist Church

"We really enjoy working with you---this is one of the few areas where things seem to go smoothly, even when there are problems. I chalk that up to your work style and enormous amount of patience. We love working with you." January 2016

"Thank you for all that you have done. This project definitely wouldn't have turned out the same without your patience, expert skills and technical knowledge. God is working wonders through you to our benefit." October 2012

From Nancy at College Search Strategies

"You're the bestest!! Ever!!" May 2013

"Yep! I love it! Way to go, miss fabulousness!!" August 2013

"I've missed you! Thanks for taking care of me!!! Talk to you soon. Happy holidays! xoxo" December 2013

"Thank you! 

Lucky me. I'm busy! Just last week I got a client FROM MY WEBSITE. How cool is that? Yea! 
I was thinking of you and sending prayers of thanks!! :-)" September 2012

From Hoopnotica for whom I did short term migration work for

"Your (communication) habits are beyond good... so good that when I didn't hear back I knew I must have done something wrong : )

I aspire...!" June 2012

From Jack Teagarden for Joe Teagarden's site - a bit of fix-it work

"Superb! You are the best. I tell folks I had to travel all the way to California to meet a gal named Jenn in order to fix our website." January 2012

From Maria Guara of Santa Cruz Wire

"You are awesome, and we were incredibly lucky to find you!" June 2011

Straight testimonial from Matthew Wertheim - Wertheim Law

"I am a lawyer in San Francisco who did not have a website for 8 years, and decided it was time. My wife works for a non-profit and liked working with Jenn Gress, so she suggested her. I have never actually met Jenn, but she has been incredibly responsive and great at getting my ideas on to the site. The site was completed for $800 and I could not be happier. I am pleased to speak with anyone who is thinking about using Ms. Gress." March 2011

From Terri Oberto - Healthy Solutions

"Jenn - Thank you so much for your expertise!! Every time I go to my web site - I firstly think of and thank you for helping me design this and add my own content whenever I want. I definitely give your info to others to help design a great website. I sincerely do appreciate you! Hugs, Terri." February 2011

Straight Testimonial from Andy Van Valer - multiple websites

"I have had the privilege of working with Jennifer Gress for almost 2 years now. I find Jenn ethical and her work to be exceptional! Jenn is a top-notch, experienced, "make-it-happen" kind of person. You can count on her! In my experiene, she has been able to work with many different people in developing their websites - including ours." September 2010

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